Comfortable, High-Quality Living at a Reasonable Cost.

As the cost of buying a single-family home or condominium soars, cooperative housing is an affordable alternative form of ownership for many people.


Beautiful Fox River Valley

The city of St Charles offers an unusually attractive country atmosphere. Yet while living in the country, you are never far from work, churches, excellent schools, fine roads and conventient transportation, both to near by communities and to Chicago.

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Six Different Home Styles.

From a one bedroom single story units to a two story four bedroom units. Put this luxurious size together with the fact that you have no responsibility for the interior - exterior maintenance, yard work, snow removal, trash collection, water bills, gas bills, or normal appliance maintenance and replacement, and you may begin to see some of the advantages. Add the fact that the co-op provides a swimming pool, exercize room, clubhouse and parks for use by its members and the advantages mount.

Benefits Are:

· No landlord · Non-profit business owned by the people that live in them
· Low maintenance · Deduct your portion of taxes and mortgage interest
· Accumulate equality. · Carrying charges are based on your income level.
· Community Control · Remain in your home for as long as you wish
· Lower prices than similar rental units. · Residents control the living environment