Cooperatives provides you comfortable, High-Quality living at a reasonable cost.

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A House is 4 walls - - - - A home is where memories are made.

How are cooperatives governed?
Cooperatives are governed by a board of directors that are elected democratically by the membership, from the membership, with one vote per member.
What tax benefits are available to a housing cooperative member?
Members can deduct the pro-rata share of the cooperative’s mortgage interest and real estate taxes on their tax returns,
We offers six different home styles.
From one-bedroom single-story units to two-story four-bedroom units.
Co-ops offer their members many advantages that are often unavailable in other forms of housing:
The cooperative makes you a cooperator and involves participating and working together with other members.
Co-op members are not landlords or tenants.
As cooperative owners, members work together to govern their association and manage their homes to foster strong communities.


Anyone who knows housing co-ops will tell you that they are much more than bricks-and-mortar or a roof over your head. Co-ops are made up of people who form a close bond of association and work together to provide safe, secure, and affordable homes for their members. You have joined with other residents in providing for each other the best possible living situation, with the benefits of Joint ownership and democratic living in a cooperative.

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Here Are Some Benefits You Will Enjoy in Every Cumberland Green Townhouse.

Cooperative Membership

Our townhouses are not for purchase or rental Properties. 

They are townhouses that our members occupy    

Coops provide better benefits than rental or purchase. 
See the About Cooperatives tab pages above
for more details on all the additional benefits of living in a cooperative.   

The Afordable Cooperative Life Style

We have 204 units with 1 to 4 bedrooms. 
Below are samples of the units to see what we can provide you
as they become available. 

Together We Can Do It

Is the lifeline of the cooperative, The cooperative depends on each member to keep it alive and flourishing?

You and your fellow members represent different cultures, countries, customs, and languages. Still, one of many things you all have in common is that you have pulled together as one and provided the best possible housing for yourselves!

Cooperative living is a challenge and is not for everyone. It requires hard work, it requires knowing your neighbor, and it requires working.

What is a Cooperative?
A cooperative is a business owned by the people who use it. If you belong to a credit union or mutual insurance company, you’re already participating in a cooperative enterprise.

Cooperative living is enjoyed by more than 500,000 Americans across the United States. Suitable residents have an equal vote in the corporation which holds title to the property. It’s better to live for less money.

Residents elect a Board of Directors. The Board sets standards of excellence to ensure that the community remains a pleasant place to live.

How your money is spent. Each dollar in your monthly payment is carefully allocated to provide the most exemplary housing at the lowest possible cost – all on a nonprofit basis.  

As a tenant-stockholder in the cooperative housing corporation, you can deduct your share of its payments for interest and real estate taxes … 

– Reprinted from official Internal Revenue Instructions. For details, contact any Internal Revenue Service office. Each year you will receive a statement from the corporation’s accountant stating the tax-deductible percentage to which you are entitled

Our Values

Limited Equity Cooperatives limit membership prices and specify the price members can obtain when they sell their membership.

Limited Equity Cooperatives are established to keep the cooperative affordable for low and moderate-income families. The primary purpose of establishing the collective is not so much for financial profit but for gaining and maintaining affordable, decent housing.

Even though the cooperative hires a management company to provide management services, Members of the collective must do some work on a volunteer basis.

A cooperative will divide some of the maintenance duties among its members to lower maintenance costs. Some of these might include sweeping, mopping, cleaning up the trash on the property, and Landscaping around the property.

It is in your interest to live in a building you can be proud of. It is also in your interest to keep your unit in good condition so that the cooperative does not spend all its money on repairs! However, you are responsible for any repairs caused by your neglect or misuse. For example, if your child drops a toy in the toilet, it backs up. You will be responsible for making the necessary repairs.

St. Charles Pride Of The Fox River Valley

Nestled in the beautiful Fox River Valley, the City of St. Charles offers an unusually attractive country atmosphere.

Yet, while living in the country, you are never far from work, churches, excellent schools, fine roads, and convenient transportation, both to nearby communities and to Chicago (about an hour or less away by train).

Here, too, you will find a fine city government and excellent Police and Fire protection, which help keep the City of St. Charles a nice place to live.

Treasures from the past abound along the banks of the Fox River, where St. Charles is nestled in the quiet valley. From the first log cabin built in 1834 to the mixture of today’s national historic landmarks, quaint shops, and the successful industry it enjoys today, St. Charles has embraced its past with an eye toward its future, truly making it the Pride of the Fox.

At the foundation of St. Charles’ beautiful and unique atmosphere are a thriving economy, stable government, diversified industry, modern infrastructure, low utility and tax rates, well-educated workforce, and easy access to thriving markets. The City has undertaken aggressive efforts to cultivate and expand economic opportunities with its first Economic Development Department

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