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What is a Cooperative

Why is a Cooperative Right for Me?

When you move into Cumberland Green Cooperative, you will discover a wonderful mix of singles and couples. People who choose to live in cooperatives typically move here to share and participate in the lavish lifestyle and activities within the communities.

If you’re tired of-or becoming financially strapped by-the hassles of house maintenance, surprise repairs, and expensive bills, you will appreciate the extra time and money you saved to enjoy the things you love. Many of our members tell us how pleasantly surprised they were by the beautiful cooperative lifestyle affords-a benefit of lasting value! 

Cooperative members have a voice in the community, doing away with home maintenance along with unexpected repair bills, and living this particular time of your life to the fullest in a beautiful and secure setting. Your decision to become a member of Cumberland Green Cooperative will be the right one.

Members of a Cooperative enjoy an active lifestyle. Our cooperatives have the community in mind; Members spend as much time outside their homes as inside.

The Cooperative Corporation holds title to the entire property, includes dwelling units, land, and common areas, and assumes the mortgage, tax, and other obligations necessary to finance and operate the facility. A cooperative operates on a democratic basis, and the governing body is its Board of Directors, which consists of elected members from the co-op community. Each equity share enables members to occupy one home and receive one vote when electing the Board. Each equity share entitles members to occupy a unit and receive one vote when electing the Board.

Often referred to as a “co-op,” cooperative housing combines the financial advantages of homeownership with the convenience of community living. Designed to fit your changing lifestyle, one of the critical features is joint ownership of the property. To that end, a cooperative is a community of members who own an equity share-not just a unit-in the entire community through a not-for-profit Cooperative Corporation. After purchasing, A certificate of membership is presented to the member. 

A solid commitment to community, involvement, control and great value are the significant differences between cooperatives and other housing types. Cooperative’s long-term success is the control members experience with our democracy in action and fiscal responsibility.

Probably the most significant difference between life in cooperatives and other housing options for seniors is the attitude of the members. The attitudes of our members reflect a sense of belonging that is reminiscent of the neighborhood where they lived and raised their families. Additionally, participation by individual members toward group goals is what builds cooperative communities.

With all the financial benefits of home ownership-along with amenities, security, and comfort of a beautiful community in a great location-we hope you’ll make Cumberland your new home and start living the carefree lifestyle you want. 

What Is a Co-op?
A Different Kind
of Homeownership

When you buy a co-op, you purchase shares in a nonprofit housing cooperative.

Tax Advantage
The co-op passes these tax benefits on to its members.
Limited Liability
Individual members are not personally liable for loans taken out by the cooperative.
Stable Payments
Monthly expenses remain stable and generally lag the prevailing rental rates.
Social Benefits
Cooperative members approve legal documents and determine policies. And sets the priorities.
Community Control
Community concerns, as well as individual benefits, are taken into consideration in all decisions.
Democratic Participation
The coop living experience empowers members, helping them build life skills and confidence.
As status changes, co-ops members have the flexibility to change units within their coop.
A worry-free lifestyle and financial position, staying active and socializing with your peers, having a voice in your community,
Leadership Development
Coops provide unique opportunities for members to develop and practice their community leadership skills.
Enhanced Security
studies have indica1ed a lower incidence of crime in coops
Lower Delinquency
Studies reflect that co-ops have lower ra1es of delinquencies and foreclosure than the rental.
Strengthening Community
co-ops provide opportunities for members to form friendships, pursue common interests and ultimately strengthen their community

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