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Cumberland Amenities

Welcome to the Family


Community facilities, including a swimming pool, will be constructed in con­junction with the Development. The Cooperative will own and operate the facilities and will serve all its members. The cost of operating and maintaining the facilities is included in the Cooperative's budget, on which the monthly housing charges are predicated. The community building will be furnished and equipped from the Cooperative's working capital deposits or from other available funds.

A "family"

It is defined as two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or operation of law who occupy the same unit. Single persons who are elderly or handi­capped are also eligible. To qualify as "elderly," a single person must be 62 years older. To qualify as "handicapped," a single person must have a physical impairment expected to be a long-continued and indefinite duration.


Features offered in each unit include air conditioning, gas heat, master TV antenna, and partial carpeting. The one- and two-bedroom apartments will have stack washers and dryers, while the three-bedroom apartments and townhouses will have washer/dryer hookups.
In addition, there will be a swimming pool for the use of the Cooperative members, along with a clubhouse, toilet, and bike paths. There will be ample parking and a large storage area for boats and campers.


Each resident or resident household has membership in the cooperative association. In non-equity cooperatives, members have occupancy rights to a specific suite within the housing cooperative as outlined in their "occupancy agreement. In ownership cooperatives, occupancy rights are transferred to the purchaser through the title transfer. Since the housing cooperative holds title to all the property and housing structures, it bears the cost of maintaining, repairing, and replacing them.


Cumberland is a limited stock company where the number of votes an owner has is tied to the number of shares owned by the members. Each shareholder has only one voice. Voting is necessary to conduct an election among shareholders to determine who will represent them on the board of directors, the governing body of the co-operative. The board of directors is responsible for the business decisions, including the financial requirements and sustainability of the co-operative. Although politics vary from co-op to co-op and depend largely on the wishes of its members, it is a general rule that a majority vote of the board is necessary to make business decisions.

Board of Directors

Cumberland members elect a board of directors from amongst the shareholders at a general meeting, usually the annual. Cumberland board of directors is elected by the membership, providing a voice and representation in the governance of the property. Rules are determined by the board, providing a flexible means of addressing the issues in a community to assure the members' peaceful possession of their homes.

limited-equity co-ops

Cumberland is a non-profit. All of its income comes from the currying charges paid by its members. There is no point in creating a deliberate surplus—except for operational requirements such as setting aside funds to replace assets. In the lifecycle of buildings, the replacement of assets (capital repairs) requires significant funds. Which assessments on current owners; sales of drawdowns of reserves and new and increases to existing mortgages. housing cooperatives tended to have higher rates of building quality, building safety, feelings of security among residents, lower crime rates, stable access to housing, and significantly lower costs compared to conventional housing


Research on housing cooperatives found the highest quality of life. Those living in housing cooperatives felt much safer, independent, satisfied with life, had more friends, more privacy, healthier, and had things repaired faster. Cooperative housing built more robust social networks and support and better relationships with neighbors. They cost 14% less for residents and had lower rates of debt and vacancy. Other research has found that housing cooperatives tended to have higher building quality, building safety, feelings of security among residents, lower crime rates, stable access to housing, and significantly lower costs.

Luxury Living in St. Charles

Convenience and Comfort in our flexible living accommodations. Located in the heart of St. Charles, IL, we offer stunning views, striking architecture, and a relaxing neighborhood ambiance to create a small-town aesthetic. This charming haven truly has something for everyone, from a historic downtown dotted with tree-lined bars and restaurants to a wealth of natural parks and the Fox River.

Here, Cumberland is a garden-style apartment community spread across thirty-three acres of lush landscaping. Nestled in a coveted location only a train ride away from Downtown Chicago, these homes offer the ideal combination of suburban distinction and urban convenience. Elegant interiors reflect thoughtful craftsmanship, while indulgent amenities promise to relax. Pamper and inspire.

Love Where You Live

Surround yourself with modern refinement and sophisticated splendor as you tour the one, two, three, and four-bedroom townhouses at Cumberland St. Charles. From the moment you step inside, the homes transform into your own personal sanctuary thanks to luxe interior features. 

Honoring the surrounding area’s natural charms, the features and amenities at Cumberland emphasize a connection to the outdoors. Spacious patios allow you to experience views of the property’s exquisite landscaping and ponds. Additionally, a walking path and resort-style pool provide the ideal spaces to relax and enjoy the open air.

Situated just minutes from historic downtown St. Charles on the banks of the Fox River. the townhouses at Cumberland feature an unrivaled location near several renowned entertainments. shopping and dining venues. All the exciting attractions downtown Chicago has to offer are also easily within reach thanks to nearby Interstate 88 and the Metra commuter rail station.

Why is living in a cooperative
in St. Charles right for me?

When you move into a Cumberland Green Cooperative, you will discover a wonderful mix of singles and couples. People who live in cooperatives typically move here to share and participate in the communities’ lavish lifestyle and activities—all fun things to do in the city.

Members enjoy an active lifestyle. Because our cooperatives are built with community in mind, most members spend as much time outside their homes as inside. 

If you’re tired of becoming financially strapped by the hassles of house maintenance, surprise repairs, and expensive bills, you will appreciate the extra time and money you saved to enjoy the things you love.  

Many of our members tell us how pleasantly surprised they were by the cooperative lifestyle’s excellent opportunities- a benefit of lasting value! Best of all, it’s your time and your choice, so you choose your own desired level of participation as our members respect one another’s privacy while supporting each other as a community of neighbors. 

Value a worry-free lifestyle and financial position, stay active and socialize with your peers, have a voice in your community, do away with home maintenance and unexpected repair bills, and live this time to the fullest in a beautiful and secure setting. Your decision to become a member of a Cumberland Green Cooperative will be the right one. Your next move with us will be your best yet!

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