Cooperatives provides you comfortable, High-Quality living at a reasonable cost.

Cumberland Story

The Cumberland Green Story

Cumberland Green Cooperative Townhouses is a group of 204 townhouse dwelling units on 33 acres. We offer six different home styles, from one-bedroom single-story units to two-story four-bedroom units.

Put this luxurious size together because you have no responsibility for the interior – exterior maintenance, yard work, snow removal, trash collection, water bills, gas bills, or regular appliance maintenance and replacement. You may begin to see some of the advantages. Add the fact that the coop provides an RV storage lot, swimming pool, clubhouse, Basketball court, and two parks for use by its members, and the advantages mount.

Cumberland Green cooperative is founded on the promise that cooperatives lead to better services at lower prices, and the coop charges are usably lower than those of similar rental units.

Cumberland Green Cooperative provides the advantages of homeownership without all the responsibilities. The cooperative is maintained inside and out. 

The cost of buying a single-family home soars. Cooperative housing is an affordable alternative form of ownership for many people. Cumberland Green Cooperative provides you with comfortable, high–quality living at a reasonable cost.

Our Values

Quality - Value

Suppose you value a worry-free lifestyle and financial position. Staying active and socializing, having a voice in your community, doing away with home maintenance along with unexpected repair bills, and living this particular time of your life to the fullest in a beautiful and secure setting, then your decision to become a member in a Cumberland will be the right one.


Together we can do it alone we fail. Participation is the lifeline of the cooperative, and the cooperative depends on each member to keep it alive and flourishing. Cooperative living is a challenge and is not for everyone. It requires hard work, it requires knowing your neighbor, and it requires working.


You and your fellow members represent different cultures, countries, customs, and languages. Still, one of many things you all have in common is that you have pulled together as one and provided the best possible housing for yourselves!


Members of Cumberland enjoy an active lifestyle. Because cooperatives are designed with the community in mind, most members spend as much time outside their homes as inside.


Cooperative residents have an equal vote in the corporation which holds title to the property. Residents elect a Board of Directors. The Board sets standards of excellence to ensure that the community remains a pleasant place to live.


Many of our members tell us how pleasantly surprised they were by the beautiful social opportunities the cooperative lifestyle affords -a benefit of lasting value! So, you choose your own desired level of participation as our members to respect one another’s privacy while supporting each other as a community of neighbors. Best of all. It’s your time and your choice.

Together we can do it, Alone we fail.

Participation is the lifeline of the cooperative,
The cooperative depends on each member to keep it alive and successful.

Our Customers Say

am very happy with our unit and the cooperative. Since cooperatives, buy their unit when they join ($4000) the monthly rent is really cheap you’re your shares grow in value so when you move out, so you get that $4000 back wi1h a little interest. There's a courtyard in the middle with lots of green space, which is toddler friendly. I would definitely come see it if you are on a budget but want to live in a great community
by Tom H.

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Specialist in Cooperative Housing for over 15 years
Senior Leadership Team , Director of Property Management , Cumberland Green Cooperative
Experienced Regional Property Manager who is adept in all aspects of property maintenance. Highly...
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