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Members Charter

Members Charter

Cumberland Green staff will treat all customers with respect and conduct themselves in a professional manner, and in response, I will treat Cumberland staff politely and respectfully.

Customer Privacy Notice

Your trust is important to us, so we have updated our Privacy Notice to explain more clearly what personal data we collect about you, why we collect it and how we use it.

To provide you with the appropriate support, we need to collect specific data about you, including (where
applicable) your name, address, and contact details. We will also need information relating to your housing history, family and next of kin details, and records of your contact with us. 

We may also collect, store and use special categories of more sensitive personal information, such as information
about your race or ethnicity, health, disabilities or vulnerabilities, information about criminal convictions and
current/previous details about your mental, emotional and physical health (in circumstances where you are one of our care customers or for general safeguarding purposes)

When you apply for housing or establish a direct debit with us, we will need to process your photo ID and financial
information such as bank statements and income details.

Repairs and maintenance

We know that delivering a suitable repair service is essential to our customers, and we are committed to continuing to invest in your home.

Whose responsibility is the repair?

You are looking after your home is a two-way responsibility. We are responsible for most, but not all, repairs. You are responsible for keeping your home in good condition and reporting problems as soon as they happen. You are also responsible for making sure that no one damages your home.

Examples of repairs you are responsible for include:

Simply Brilliant Together

Three simple words underpin our ambitions for the next five years. We want to work together with you, putting you, our customers – at the heart of all we’re doing to create a more vital, better organization for you. That way, we will become brilliant.

Were here to provide safe, secure, affordable homes. Whether you are looking for your first independent home, a long-term home to bring up your family, or a home where you can receive care and support to live as independently as possible, our colleagues are committed to providing this for you.

Simply Brilliant Together sets out how we deliver local services indeed; improve the quality of your homes; invest in your properties; expand the reach of where we can offer our services, and how we will build more new homes so we can provide more people with a great place to live.

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